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Welcome to Dogging Mums Australia. If you are living in Australia and love going dogging or perhaps have never been and want to go for the first time with a smoking hot mum, then this is the site for you. There are plenty of dogging sites out there but none in specialise in hooking men up with horny mums.

All across Australia from Sydney to the Gold coast there are sexually frustrated mums. Some who are still married who are looking for some no strings attached fun, some who are separated or divorce who just want a good rooting now and again. However no members are not looking for anything serious. We also have a lot of men who have signed up, they like to take their wives dogging and watch their wives being fucked in the back of the car by random men. This is a growing fantasy, which lots of people like to take part in.

1000’s of horny doggers

We have over 100,000 profiles of men and women all over the country who are looking to meet new people. With our advanced sex filtering systems it is incredibly easy to sign up and start searching for your ideal match today. This is more than just a regular dating this this is a sex dogging site. When you sign up you will immediately be in a pool of thousands of other people who are looking for dogging, but we have so many members we needed a way to help people filter down the results to the ones that suited them best

Filtering your results

We decided to create sex filters, so not only can you filter you results by location age and appearance, you can now filter to people who share the same sexual interests as you. So perhaps you love give oral sex, maybe you like anal sex or like anal rimming. Perhaps there are certain positions that you like over other positions. Well now you can add your fantasies onto your profile and even search for people who share the same fantasies as you.

Once you have signed up, feel free to go to the filter section and simply select your interests and we will instantly filter down the members to the ones who you want to meet most.

What if I don’t want to sign up yet?

This is why we made this website a blog, on top of dating and hookups this site also has sexy diary entries so you can read about what other members have been getting up to. This is a great way to get turned on and also get to know what the other members on the site are like, we also allow members to upload as many sexy images of themselves as they like as well as video entries. This makes the site a much more interesting place to be as our members tend to upload sexual images of themselves naked doing rude things to our other members. A lot of them treat their profiles like their own little porn sites. If you do not want to sign up though, do not fear, each week we release a blog post featuring diary entries and include images of some of our hottest new dogging mums. We feature sexy dogging videos and images or what our members have been getting up to so you don’t have to sign up to get a good taste of what has been going on, on our site. Just check back each week to see more images and blog entries.

Signing up

We know that signing up to a dating site for the first time can be daunting so we have gone to great lengths to make it as simple as possible. It is a simple 5 step process and before you know it you will be scrolling through thousands of horny members. Don’t worry, the process is free and we require no payment details off you at all so feel free to go in and start having a good look around. If at any point you change your mind then do not fear, leaving the site is as easy as signing up. Once you have canceled your account we will not try and contact you again so no spam or annoying follow up emails.

If you decide you do want to start increasing the amount of sex you are having and would like to start messaging members then why not sign up as a gold member. If in doubt why not call our 24 hour helpline.

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