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Statistically, most of the women that sign up to the site are age between 35 and 50 although we do have many women who are younger and of course, women who are older too.

A testimonial from a Horny Mum

We thought you might be interested to hear from one of our members so this week we are going to include a bit of profile information off a 38 year old women.

“My name is Alice and I have been married for 7 years. The issue is that my sex drive is far to high for my husband and it is beginning to cause us problems. Most nights I want to have sex with him but he just doesn’t have the drive. I have recently turned to online dating to try and find myself a fuck buddy. I decided that dogging might be the best way for me to go because obviously I cant have another man coming over and shagging me while my husband is in the house. I am also not really interested in going to a hotel. I am happy to pop in the car. Drive somewhere a bit quite and get it on in the back of the car I am a horny mum and as far as I am concerned I want to meet people who want to meet me. I have recently met up with a man who loved horny mums so much he actually picked me up and told me that we were also picking up another women. I was really suprised but more than happy. The woman we picked up was similar to me and had a husband too.

The guy who picked us up was younger than both of us so we were prepared to give him the time of time of his life.

It must have ben the hottest sex I have had in a long time. I have never had a threesome in the back of the car and it was hot. Over the next week or so I am planning on uploading some pics from the night so you can all see”

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