Dogging buddy

We have all heard of the expression fuck buddy, but have any of you ever heard of the expression “dogging buddy”. They are actually very similar except a dogging buddy is interested in having a specific type of sex that is dogging sex.

Millions of men and women around the country are obsessed with having sex outside, whether it is the depths of winter and you like to turn the Dogging sex heaters up and have sex in the back of the car or even if you like to go out in the summer sun and have sex under a tree somewhere, any type of sex outdoors makes you a dogger.

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How does the site work?

When you first sign up we ask you to tell us a little bit about you and what you look like, we then ask you to tick a few boxes that describe the type of woman that you would ideally like to have sex with, then finally we ask you what type of sex you would like to be having outdoors. For example are you a fan of anal sex, perhaps you like to have a bit of oral?

As you know sex is a complicated thing, you can’t just go out there and find someone you want to shag and straight away shag them. Sex is a two way thing so it is important that we also find people who also are attracted to you. Finally it is important that you are not only attracted to each other but you also like to have the the same type of sex. It is pointless meeting up if you love blowjobs and your new dogging buddy hates to suck sex buddydick. However, now you have found two people who are attracted to each other and love to have the same type of dogging sex then you know you have a perfect match.

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