Brisbane Dogging

Brisbane is a vibrant city that is full of sex, if you did not know that then that means you are not getting enough of it and that is probably because you are looking in the wrong places.

This site has been designed to help people who are seeking more sex in Brisbane and like the Brisbane Doggersidea of having sex outside in their car.

What is dogging?

Dogging is an activity where people tend to meet up to have sex publicly, typically this will happen in car parks and lay bys in Brisbane but it also happens publicly, out side in woods or even in telephone boxes.

How much does it cost?

This is a premium Brisbane dating site that is regulated; therefore there are payments involved but not upfront. We do not ask anyone for any payment details on sign up. We know that there are hundreds of dating website out there that try to get people to pay upfront without even being able to see the number of people they have on their website, then they make it very difficult for people to get their money back.

We are the complete opposite; we give all of our Brisbane dogging mums a chance to sign up for free to see who is on the site. When they see who is online and they are happy, we then ask them to sign up in order to message as many of our members as they like.

How does the site work?

If you are living in Brisbane and are looking for some local sex then you simply need to sign up and we will show you all the dogging mums in your area who are seeking sex. At that point it is simply a case of filtering through the hundreds of people on the site and clicking on the profiles you like. When you click through to someone’s profile, you can read more information about them and of course, see more naked images of them. If you still like the look of them after Brisbane Doggingseeing more erotic images and reading more about them then simply click the message me button and send them a message asking when they would like to meet up for sex.

How do I sign up and meet sexy mums in Brisbane

The sign up form at the top of the page is quick easy and fun to fill in. It takes less than 3 minutes and before long you could be scrolling though all the local sluts in your area.