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What is dogging in Wollongong?

Many people wonder what dogging is, well if you have never heard of it let me explain. Dogging is the act of having sex in a car. Well, that was what it originally was but over time it has just come to mean, sex in public, whether you are on the lookout for a hot man to fuck you in the back of your car or even if you would like to do it doggy style of a local beach, we can help.

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“ I am interested in having sex outdoors; I have got to an age now where fucking men in a bedroom in the dark just doesnt do it for me. I need to be having a bit more fun than that. I like to have sex with men in the open. It all started on the day when my husband fucked me in the back garden. I could tell the next-door neighbour was watching. I could tell he was having a wank while he was looking at us and it was turning me on. I was getting so horny by the thought of him watching at one point I went on top in reverse cowgirl position. That Wollongong Dogging areasmean he could see every part of me and I looked at him while I rode up and down on my husband’s penis. It was at that point that I knew I loved having sex in the open where people could see.

I used to be shy about my nakedness, but these days it is the thing that turns me on the most. It feels so liberating to be naked in public; I love to do it. The fact that I am so shy of my body is the thing that causes me to get that rush.”